Reach the summit in 3 simple steps.

The Stellar Resumes process is designed to maximize your input while minimizing your effort and time commitment…ultimately producing marketing content that is authentically YOU, every time.


Here's how it works:

Confer: Let’s talk!

Every writing project is launched with an information-mining and strategizing session. Think of the conference as a friendly interview guided by a customized list of questions. Our incisive questioning will elicit a treasure trove of information, data, successes, and stories, so that we can showcase your most marketable strengths.


Result: We fine-tune a marketing strategy that captures your personal brand.




With a strategy in place, it’s time to influence your audience. We immediately get to work on creating original content that will impress, inspire, and convert; transforming prospects into clients and unreachable executives into employers.


Our turnaround time varies according to the scope of your project. To give you an idea of our rapid service, normal turnaround time for resumes is only 2-3 business days. Compare that to the industry average of 1-2 weeks for customized documents, and you know we have your best interests in mind.


Result: Receive your first draft via email within 2-3 business days for resumes, or longer for more complex projects.



Critique: It’s your Turn!

The final step is reviewing content for accuracy and impact. You’ll go over it with a fine-tooth comb, show it to friends and colleagues, and get back to us. You can request as many changes as you need until you’re absolutely satisfied with the final product.


Because we aim for high-quality writing from our initial client contact, the vast majority of our clients request only 1-2 rounds of revisions before finalizing on their perfect print or web project.


Result: Achieve your goals - improve ROI, increase client base, get the job... you name it, we'll help you get there.



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