What's in a Name?

Stellar is more than just our name. It’s our promise to you. Clients who work with us come to expect stellar resumes, stellar content, stellar branding, stellar profiles, and much more. That’s because we set our sights to the apex of success – and we help you get there.


Stellar Resumes is a New York-based resume writing and content marketing agency. Our team is comprised of professional writers, each of whom brings a unique facet of expertise to our mission. Collectively, we offer a powerful synthesis of expertise in marketing, personal branding, career consulting, social media management, keywords and SEO, as well as thorough knowledge of every career industry.


Our mission is to use the power of words to help you achieve your business and career goals. Call us today to get started.



Meet Sori Leshkowitz, Founder and Stellar Writer-in-Chief

A word from our founder

"Challenge is what motivates me. I relish the complexity of launching a startup to stardom, of crafting compelling copy, of exploring the nitty-gritty in every industry. I’m ready to take on your challenge today.”


As a career consultant and creative writer for more than a decade, Sori has helped hundreds of professionals and enterprises take their careers and businesses to the next level. She established Stellar Resumes with a vision of providing high-end customized job search documents that are tailor-made to project each applicant’s value. And her reputation for excellence took off from there.


Since 2012, Sori has gradually introduced writing services for enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. Together with her team, she has retained the core company value of merging clever strategy and potent copy to influence your target audience.


Sori has hosted resume writing and personal branding workshops, sharing some of her most successful trade secrets. She is the go-to writer for multiple recruiters, community organizations, small businesses, and marketing firms. 


Sori educates her clients, empowering them to take control of their career and business direction. As an entrepreneur and creative artist, she offers a unique marketing and communication perspective that resonates with her clients, inspiring them to connect with their target audiences and achieve results.



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